Counterfeit products erode your profits, your share price and your reputation.

In some marketplaces, counterfeit products are rife: online auction sites, for example, supply a steady stream of fakes. Some loyal and discerning purchasers may insist on buying only your genuine branded product. Others will be perfectly happy to buy a counterfeit!

Simply telling your customers not to buy counterfeit products is not enough. You need to take action to ensure that your business is not damaged.

These days, most counterfeit products are made abroad in counterfeit hot spots such as China. Tracking the source of manufacture and the chains of distribution can be difficult. Our approach to IP protection combines our investigative fraud expertise with our brand protection expertise. Our network of experienced investigators with specialised web software gives us a substantial advantage in identifying the source.  We can locate infringements on auction sites such as eBay and remove auctions and counterfeits swiftly.  We can trace back the supply chain of counterfeit products and help you with:

  • Monitoring: conducting on and offline market and supply chain IP infringement audits.
  • Enforcement: taking action against on and offline activities either in China or overseas. Including taking legal action in locations throughout the world such as China (e.g. Customs, Administration for Industry and Commerce, Public Security Bureau, the Courts) and other jurisdictions.

Through careful cost planning with fixed prices we keep an eye on your bottom line and achieve the result you want.