The essence of intellectual property rights is to allow the owner of such IP rights to enjoy unfettered use of it and commercially exploit it to its full potential.

IP assets can be used in many ways to extract value. This can include: licensing, franchising, agency and distribution to name a few. When deciding whether to keep and use, license, collaborate or sell IP assets, companies need to consider a variety of issues. These include: attitude to risk; financial, skills and knowledge resources; timescale to be market-ready; nature of the products/services; and cost/pricing constraints.

We have advised businesses across many industry sectors on how to be in the best position to secure a favourable return on investment in respect of their IP assets. Wherever possible we cut out the legal jargon and draft things in a way that everyone can understand. It is important that our clients can understand the deals they are agreeing to and take control of the contract process. We can help with all types of contract including:

  • Licence agreements.
  • Distribution agreements.
  • Terms and Conditions of business.
  • Ecommerce terms.
  • Website terms and conditions.