Copyright ©

Copyright is the fundamental basis of modern business.

It is an extremely valuable, often unrecognised or misunderstood right, which protects a whole range of original works. It might apply to a business’s marketing materials; educational course materials; packaging designs; software; engineering design drawings; databases; music; sound recordings; models and sculptures, and more.

It is vital that businesses identify their rights, and ensure that they are owned by the correct entity, properly protected, enforced and exploited.

In the UK, copyright protection is automatic, and there is no need to register. As soon as you create something which comes within the scope of copyright law, it is protected. To attract copyright protection, your work must be original (meaning it must not copy someone else’s work), and in most cases it should also be fixed in some way – for example by writing it down, or capturing it in an image.

The creator is not necessarily the owner. For example, if you create a copyright work in the course of your employment, it will generally be owned by your employer.  On the other hand, if you commission work from a designer, or other contractor, they will generally be the first owner of copyright, and a legal contract about transfer of rights or licences may be necessary.

We can help to guide you through the requirements of copyright law to ensure the protection and enforcement of copyright against unauthorised use by others. We have extensive experience and expertise and provide commercially focused solutions to your business needs.